Photography Portfolio

created by

Ezequiel Taleno



I have always been interested in capturing real moments of places or things and cameras have

the power to capture things the way they are. I enjoy taking photos of landscapes or structures

of things I see because my own perspective is so unique in itself that I know that many will be

able to interpret such moments differently. I utilize online programs to edit the color of these

photos to give off a more timely or dramatic effect. I take photos from various angles with a

Nikon camera. I want to not only capture the center object, but also the background. The focus

of the image would not be able to stand out on its own as the setting gives the photo more


These locations hold a special memory that I still cherish. These locations represent my current

environment and of things I see on a daily basis. No matter how forgotten these places may

seem, they reflect my upbringing. My identity comes from these places and I only hope to share

that feeling with others. I want these images to connect with the sentiments of many so that they

too can reflect back on special memories.